TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE HAVING FUN…and working on boat projects (and drinking)!

It absolutely blows my mind to think that in five short days we officially become *Loopers* and start the adventure of a lifetime…Americas Great Loop! The Great Loop is a circumnavigation of the eastern United States and part of Canada. Our route will take us North on the Intercoastal Waterway, into the New York Harbor where we’ll pass right by Lady Liberty, through the Hudson River, into Canada, the Great Lakes, and then down the inland river system (Illinois River, Upper Mississippi, and the Tennessee River). We’ll then cruise through the Gulf of Mexico, making our way back to Florida where we started and “cross our wake.”  We’ll cruise approximately 6,000 miles, traverse 140 locks and spend about 9 months for so on the water.


In 2017, we found *Molly*, a 48′ Ocean Alexander Classico. It was love at first sight. Within a month, she was ours! Boat names are very important. After throwing around what seemed like a hundred names, we appropriately named her Nautilus. The spiral shape of the Nautilus shell suggests that it can keep growing forever. There is no design for a final chamber. The creature must keep building new chambers as long as it lives. It cannot go back to the previous ones, they no longer fit. It cannot stay in its present space or it will die. It has no choice but to move on and on. It is a symbol for expansion and renewal! Perfect!


We purged most everything we owned and moved to South Florida where we have lived aboard full-time since October 2017. We’ve been busy working on countless boat projects, watching incredible sunrises, drinking, eating, and playing bocce ball. Did I mention drinking?!?! It’s a national pastime here in Florida.

The best part of Florida (and the hardest part about leaving) is the friends we have here. They are more than just friends, they are family! I can honestly say I’ve had some of the best times of my life. They are my tribe and each and every one of them has enriched my life so much! They are also some of the most generous people I know!

Off I go…our punch list of 32 items still has 5 remaining!

Over and out!

xo, The Admiral



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