Let the adventure begin! We left North Palm Beach on Wednesday with our friends Doug and Sue. They are cruising with us to Savannah. They’re sailors themselves and make great boat guests. They also share our passion for travel and adventure.

So excited to start the Loop
The Crew

It was like the dolphins knew today was the start of our looping adventure. They were out jumping for joy!

You can be my wingman anytime!

I love cruising the ICW through Jupiter and Hobe Sound. Lining the waterway were mansions and outrageous boats (I definitely had boat-itis) and the beautiful Jupiter Lighthouse. The day was pleasantly uneventful.

Jupiter Lighthouse

We cruised 62 miles to an anchorage just south of the Vero Beach Municipal Marina and were blessed with a beautiful sunset.


On Thursday we cruised from Vero Beach to Mosquito Bay which is just north of Cape Canaveral. Sue and I were on the bow when the boat in front of us drifted out of the channel, sideswiped Marker 52 and knocked it right off the piling! This guy was literally inches from hitting the piling head on! Rob immediately called him on the radio to check in with him. He didn’t have much to say other than he would call the Coast Guard to report the downed marker.

We passed through Haulover Canal, a mile long mangrove lined canal full of birds standing at attention and monitoring the waterway. Fisherman lined the sides of the canal. The canal took us to Mosquito Bay which is very shallow estuary with a narrow dredged channel that ran the full length.


It was starting to get late and we needed to find a place to anchor for the night. The charts showed only two small areas that were deep enough to anchor but we found our own area east of the channel which was 7 feet deep at low tide. Nautilus draws 4 feet. The anchor held tight and we got a good nights sleep although Rob checked it a couple times during the night.

Goodnight sun. Thanks for the great day!

Friday took us from Mosquito Bay to St. Augustine. Crazy what the definition of “slow pass” means to some people! I was driving when Mr. Testosterone passed on my port side. His wake was huge and it pushed me out of the narrow channel into 4 feet of water. Both the depth sounder and me were screaming. Thank gosh my Captain was standing by as he took the helm and regained control. The same guy waked someone else just north of us. That captain radioed Mr. Testosterone to *thank* him for the wake. His response was “then you should’ve bought an RV”. Other than this guy, everyone else on the water have been extremely courteous.

We moored on the #6 ball in St. Augustine Municipal Marina and enjoyed our cocktail and sunset of the day. Nautilus looked so beautiful just hanging off the ball. We’ve been to St. Augustine quite a few times before. We enjoy this quirky little town, plus our favorite Cuban restaurant, Columbia is here. We all hopped in the dinghy and went ashore. We strolled St. George Street, listened to live music bellowing from the many bars and ended the night with dinner and Sangria at Columbia. For the first time, we really felt like loopers.

My lovely lady

Tomorrow we will be heading to St. Simons Island for a few days and will finally be out of Florida! So far we have cruised 240 miles.

Life is great and we are having a blast!

Over and out!

xo, The Admiral


  1. So excited for you! We will start our Loop from Ver Beach in 3 weeks , so I am going to read your blog and follow closely. We have a 44 Hatteras. We are called MV God’s Grace. I ‘m sure we will meet along the way! Celeste


  2. Admiral Jill, informative and well written blog entries by you. Your Captain, not so much… How’s the ship running?
    Have fun, be safe and keep us in the “loop”.


    1. Hey there! Glad you’re liking the blog. We’re having a great time. Nautilus is awesome. Still chasing engine smoke problem, but other than that all is good! I might have to delete Captains Corner if Rob doesn’t get posting…lol!


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