This past week has been one of the best times in my life. Watching my parents step into my new boating life, has filled my heart beyond words. My folks are my biggest fans and always jump in feet first to partake in things that bring me joy…this week was no exception. They cruised 120 miles in the Chesapeake Bay, anchored out twice, sat through a huge storm that included a water spout, and docked in places with fixed docks that made it nearly impossible to get on and off the boat. They handled it all like a 3-Star General and Rear Admiral would! They are honey badgers…bad asses!

We started our whirlwind tour of the Chesapeake in Annapolis. We docked smack dab in the middle of downtown in an area known as “Ego Alley.” Big boats, big egos…lol! I like big boats and I cannot lie!

I fell in love with Annapolis.  The beautiful historic buildings, a walkable downtown, and a city full of history and tradition, had me saying – again – “I wanna move here.” Not to mention, the food is the bomb!

First up was the United States Naval Academy.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It was definitely a Loop highlight. Our tour guide was so informative. The stories and history we learned on our tour made the experience so much more meaningful.


The Academy grounds were gorgeous! Over 300 acres of lushness and exquisite buildings. You can’t help but get caught up in the sense of pride and awe as you step on the grounds. To know that on these grounds are some of our country’s future leaders, gave me goosebumps!


Billy the Goat


The day we toured was graduation day. Halfway through our tour, the Midshipmen returned to the Yard, dressed in their formal whites. The graduates had a week off before reporting to their new assignment and the Midshipmen had a week off before starting summer training. It was a scurry of activity and the energy was palpable.

Their football case has the game-winning ball from each time that Navy beat Army.

The top floor of the Academy Museum was filled with a spectacular display of bone ship models.

For the first time ever, the Naval Academy band and the US Coast Guard band played together. They set up at the City Dock right where we were docked. Nautilus was the backdrop and will definitely be in everyone’s pictures.


From Annapolis, we traveled to the Eastern Shore and gave my parents the experience of anchoring in the Wye River. We anchored in the Wye with my bother the week before and loved it so much that we took my parents there. We played endless games of Yahtzee and tried to distract them from the fact that we were anchored, in a storm…in the middle of nowhere! I may have put an extra shot or two in their drinks…wink, wink!

Of course I had to take the “kids” to St. Michaels. After all, it is on my “I’m gonna move here list.” They loved it and it reaffirmed my love for this quaint and quiet Colonial village.

The British attacked St. Michaels in an attempt to destroy their shipyards. Legend has it that the residents hoisted lanterns to the masts of ships and in the trees, tricking the Brits and causing cannons to overshoot the town. Who knows, maybe “The Town That Fooled the British” will be my new home! We strolled the adorable village, ate ice cream, visited St. Michaels Parish and ate an insane amount of crabs!

I seriously wanna live in one of these historic homes!

We spent most of the next day exploring the 18 acre waterfront campus of the Chesapeake Maritime Museum. Such a fun day discovering how people live, work and play on the Bay!

View of the ship building facility.
1879 Hooper Strait Lighthouse.

Never a dull moment with these two!

On our way back to the marina, we found a wayward turtle. My new friend Tank, as we called him, was wandering the streets. We scooped him up, brought him to the waters edge and watched him safely return home. Yay for us…and for him! He was the cutest thing ever and I so badly wanted to keep him! My Captain told me that boats and turtles don’t go together…grrrr such a party pooper!

Tank the Turtle.

After St. Michaels, we cruised to Swan Creek, just outside of Rock Hall, and took a mooring ball. My parents did it all…docked, anchored and now moored! Against our advice, my mom was determined to go for a dinghy ride. Given her bad ankle and having to navigate her way into the dinghy, we were nervous. No need to worry, remember she’s  a honey badger. A bad-ass.


The next day we moved into the marina in Rock Hall. We weren’t that impressed with Rock Hall so it turned into a lazy, restful, ice cream eating, kinda day.

I really loved the hometown recognition of our country’s heros!

We were obviously enjoying the calm before the storm when all of a sudden this crazy, crazy storm came through. First rain, then wind, then a WATER SPOUT! White caps In. The. Marina! It was insane! The dock and boat were pitching up and down in opposite directions.

Unfortunately, we ended up with some damage…$900 worth to be exact, but hey it’s a Boat…Bring Out Another Thousand!

My poor baby!

Sadly, our chasing the Chesapeake was coming to an end – time to head to Baltimore. My parents have been to Baltimore numerous time, but Rob and I have never been. We were again excited to say goodbye to the small *villages* and head to the big city!

The beautiful Inner Harbor.

Baltimore did not disappoint. Our marina in the Inner Harbor was a prime location to take in the sights – day and night!


That’s us!


My brother lives in Arlington, so once we were settled in, he came up and we had the most amazing family day! Everyone together…that doesn’t happen very often!

We got tickets to an Orioles game. Camden Yards was super cool!



Crew reporting for duty!


Ugggggghhhhh, the day I dreaded! My folks were leaving. I love my parents to death, but was surprised by my own reaction when they were leaving. I cried like a baby! We had such an amazing time together and saying goodbye was hard. Really hard! Having them on board brought a sense of normalcy to my life.

And lots of laughter.

They might be back in California but the memories will last a lifetime! Love you mom and dad – you’ll always be my honey badgers!


Next up, Nautilus takes on the Jersey Shore and the Big Apple! Lady Liberty, we’re coming for you!

Over and out!

xo, The Admiral



  1. Sounds like a great time with family!! My nephew went to Annapolis and we enjoyed a couple of Army-Navy gsmes–both winners! The campus is gorgeous…

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  2. Love and miss you both so much. I’m so happy to hear that all is great and you’re loving the loop! Keep updating us and I’ll call you soon. Xoxo ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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